Landfill lining and capping systems reduce leakage of leachate out of the landfill waste body and prevent water infiltration through the top surface of the landfill. ELCOSEAL GCLs can be used in landfill base liners, side slopes and caps to replace or supplement traditional lining systems.

ELCOSEAL GCLs allow tailing ponds and rehabilitation projects to be built faster and more cost-effectively. They reduce leakage of contaminant materials from the site and help mining companies achieve environmental compliance.

GCLs have low permeability and high internal shear strength, making them ideal for liquid containment such as reservoirs, wetlands and irrigation canals, as well as effluent, industrial and landscaped ponds and lagoons.

The low permeability, high internal shear strength and easy installation process enables ELCOSEAL GCLs to provide excellent liquid containment, such as in reservoirs, irrigation canals, as well as ponds and lagoons.


ELCOSEAL Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) are Australian made and engineered for high performance. They are available in custom grades and roll lengths to reduce installation costs. GCLs have a consistent hydraulic performance and are thermally locked for improved sealing and shear performance. They are easy to install and can be ordered with either the powdered bentonite raw material or pre-mixed bentonite paste for the edge sealing.

ELCOSEAL GCLs offer an unmatched sealing capability thanks to rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. The liners improve containment performance and thanks to their self-healing capability, provide more long-term stability. No specialist joining technique is required or on-site mixing of bentonite powder. Flexible manufacturing is available to suit project specific requirements, further reducing installation costs.

We offer a range of supporting services, including installation frames, safety accredited lifting slings, a rigorous manufacturing QA regime and project specific advice through our technical support and specialist laboratories.


For details on how to install ELCOSEAL GCLs please refer to our comprehensive installation guidelines.


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