bidim® is the most popular nonwoven geotextile product on the market today. It leads the way in terms of technical performance and versatility and is used in virtually every civil type of engineering construction project across roads, rail, landfill and mining.

bidim® geotextiles provide an effective, economical solution to a range of engineering problems including weak soil, rutted and cracked roads and liquid and gas leaks from landfill sites. All bidim® nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 standards and is supported by a rigorous QA process.

Functions & Applications

bidim® nonwoven geotextiles have a three-dimensional structure designed to improve drainage performance. Ideal for use in subsoil drainage systems, bidim® will assist in the removal of water from road and railway works, sports fields and behind retaining walls.

bidim® nonwoven geotextiles are used in the construction of roads, railways and embankments where the ground is soft and unstable. Using a layer of geotextile to separate the soft ground from the fill material will reduce the amount of fill required, increase the life span of the road or rail structure and cut long-term maintenance costs.

bidim® nonwoven geotextiles are highly porous, allowing water to pass through while preventing soil migration. When used in revetment and subsoil drainage projects, bidim® geotextiles are more cost effective than natural filters.

Using heavyweight bidim® nonwoven geotextiles in landfills extends the life of the lining system by protecting it from punctures and excessive deformation. The geotextile acts as a cushioning and stress relieving layer, minimising the chances of leakage in the long term.


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