Markham Culverts Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier to the Civil Engineering Community in Papua New Guinea. Regularly exporting International standard construction products to the Pacific Islands and SE Asia.

Originally founded in 1972 as part of the Armco group the company is now a 100% PNG registered company  with the major shareholders based  in Lae & Port Moresby.

The main core of the business is the manufacture of corrugated steel culverts for use in the Civil engineering projects of Papua New Guinea and the surrounding Pacific Rim.

Our Culvert is 100% manufactured in PNG,providing import duty relief in the MSG Melanesian Spearhead Group Countries and on other funded Projects.

The plant is located within 1.5km of the main port of Lae.With this geographically ideal location,and assisted by our extensive website”\culverts”.

The company extends it’s range of manufactured products,using sole Principal Agencies who have leading brands of complementary products,for the civil engineering community.

The Technical sales force is composed of professional qualified civil engineers,who can call on our principals at any time for back up engineering and Support.