bidim® Nonwoven Geotextiles


bidim® is the most popular nonwoven geotextile product on the market today. It leads the way in terms of technical performance and versatility and is used in virtually every civil type of engineering construction project across roads, rail, landfill and mining. bidim® geotextiles provide an effective, economical solution to a range of engineering problems including weak soil,



The ELCOROCK system consists of sand-filled geotextile containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal erosion. The geotextile containers are made from Texcel, a durable staple fibre geotextile. It’s a versatile system ranging from hand-filled 40kg containers to hydraulically-filled 300 tonne mega-sand containers and tubes. FUNCTION The ELCOROCK shoreline protection system has been proven through over

Mirafi RSi


Mirafi RSi  are the first truly multifunctional woven geotextiles developed to ensure reinforcement, separation, drainage and filtration and superior material interaction between the aggregate layers in an integrated way. The result is an assured significant improvement in road/subgrade performance with the added benefit of reduced sub base material volumes when constructing over soft soils. In tough times, faced

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