Tensar RE uniaxial geogrids are used in the construction of retaining walls and soil slopes. The uniaxial geogrid reinforces the soil by containing the lateral earth pressures. Tensar geogrids are manufactured from high quality HDPE which is non-biodegradable and resistant to soil chemicals.

Tensar RE uniaxial geogrids are used to reinforce soil mass in retaining wall systems. The geogrids connect with several different block systems, concrete panels and steel mesh panels to form a retaining wall. They can also be used as a wraparound facing.

Tensar RE geogrids allow slopes of any angle to be constructed using a range of fills. Reinforcing soil slopes in this way is a fast, cost-effective way of building embankment and slip repairs that require a steep face angle.


Tensar RE uniaxial geogrids are UV resistant with no artificial or welded joints. They have strong rigid apertures and versatile facing options. Tensar RE geogrids are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards. We also offer design support.

Other advantages:

  • Independently certified long term strength properties
  • Exceptional chemical resistance 120-year design life
  • Design for use in a wide range of fill types
  • Easy to handle rolls


Uniaxial geogrids have a superior ability to interlock with soil, which makes them suitable for use in projects with long-term exposure. They are robust and damage-resistant and do not require specialist construction skills.


Tensar Earthtech Retaining Systems Brochure

Model Specification - RE580

Model Specification - RE570

Model Specification - RE560

Model Specification - RE540

Model Specification - RE520

Model Specification - RE510

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