Combining the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanized steel, Super•Cor is the most internationally accepted, and widely used corrugation profile on the market.

Superior Strength. Lightweight Construction

Super•Cor’s larger annular corrugations (381 mm pitch and 140 mm depth) provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate. The lightweight, modular panels can be shipped easily and economically making it even more advantageous for remote locations.

Easy Installation

Simply put, Super•Cor saves time and money in installation. The panels require significantly fewer bolts than conventional structural plates and can be assembled adjacent to the job site, then moved into place using relatively light equipment. And, if the road needs to be widened later, Super•Cor allows for easy extension with additional panels.


Super•Cor® Boxes make the perfect solution for long span, low rise situations with shallow cover.

Super•Cor® boxes combine the strength and cost advantages of Atlantic’s Super•Cor® corrugation profile.

Ideally suited for the remote tough conditions of PNG, where the structures up to 15 m Span can be  laid on simple concrete strip footings  and assembly by manpower alone or with a small Back Hoe, can be economically achieved.

Super•Cor® Arches surpass the range of conventional plate arches with spans up to  24 m. They can be installed over natural stream beds without environmental disturbance. High profile Super•Cor® arches are ideal for highway grade separations or in applications requiring large end areas or wide spans.

Super•Cor® round and ellipse structures permit construction of dramatically larger diameters than previously possible with conventional structural plate. These common and very versatile shapes are frequently chosen for culverts, sewers and sub-drains. However, they can also be used for access ways, tunnels, bridges, and very large volume storm water retention/detention systems.



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