Multiplate® structures were  developed by Armco in the 1930s to increase the diameter range of corrugated steel pipes. Multiplate, because of it’s strong, fully componentized, easy to  transport and assemble properties  fits well into the PNG Infrastructure, Mining & Civil Engineering projects.

Now manufactured in Townsville, only 6 days sailing away, to Australian Standards using 200mm x 55 mm corrugations.

The hot dip galvanised structures are available from Markham Culverts Ltd. Lae, PNG.

Multiplate® pipes & related profiles fully conform with AS/ NZS 2041 Class 2 structures and P.N.G. DOT & W specifications

Multipipe® Available Profiles

Nom Dia (mm) Profile No. Steel Thickness (10 Bolts /m) Maximum Height of Cover (m)
2,100 28P 3.0 mm 21.2
2,400 32P 3.0 mm 18.4
2,700 36P 3.0 mm 16.3
3,000 40P 3.0 mm 14.6
3,600 48P 3.0 mm 12.0



Superspan® is a large span Multiplate® structure   which benefits from a thrust beam on each side allowing efficient compaction and arch load distribution to the fill.

Different profiles, heavy / special  loads & spans of up to 18m  are permissible.

Special Coastings

To provide extended life & further protection in saline, swampy and aggressive condition AS/NZS 2041:1998 advises the use of additional protective coatings.

The main method of extending culvert life employed by Markham Culverts is to apply a Duplex Coating of Epoxy in the clean environment of the plant on fresh product.

Epoxy coating is a proven coating, having been used worldwide for culvert protection for over 60 years.

The Epoxy coating can be applied in various thicknesses with lighter coatings on the outside & obvert, concentrating heavier coatings on the inside of the invert .

This provides a range of protection thicknesses economically balanced to the location / environment requirements.

Typical thicknesses 125 Microns to 250 Microns DFT

Duplex Epoxy is available as an additional coating on our Nestable, Multiplate®, Superspan® & SuperCor® ranges.

Typical Costs add 20% to 40 % on the cost of the pipe


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